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Rethymnon / West Crete

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Villa Casa Vitae

is a Venetian manor-house from the 16th century.

After the Turks occupied the town of ▶ Rethymnon in 1669, the property was split and additional houses were built in the immediate neighbourhood.

During the following years, elements of the Turkish architecture gained influence on the Villa Casa Vitae as well.
distance Rethymnon: Street front of Casa Vitae
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distance Inner yard
Many Venetian elements however maintained up to the present day, e.g. in the main entrance as well as in the inner yard where 3 stone columns and an octagonal fountain still remain from the Venetian era.

During the restauration works, as many Venetian elements as possible were preserved and partly even reconstructed.

The result is a very comfortable town house of traditional style.
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Furnishings and equipment are up-to-date and include air conditioning, whirlpools and Internet access.

on ▶ Crete's north coast is the capital of the governmental district of the same name. It ranks as the island's cultural center and gives home to several museums, to the philosopical branch of the University of Crete, and other facilities.

The town's landmark is the Fortezza, a fortress from the Venetian aera, standing on an exposed rock that reaches into the bay.
distance Rethymnon: The fortress
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distance Rethymnon: The venetian lighthouse
Further inland, the Venetian Old Town attaches to the fortress. In it's crooked lanes there are unnumbered small shops, arts and crafts workshops, restful bars, and restaurants of varied cuisine.

Right below the fortress there is the picturesque Venetian Port which is framed by the modern port's piers.

Every Thursday, the legendary weekly market of Rethymnon takes place opposite to the Four Martyrs Square.
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During the years before, the place changed several times but that could not impair the colourful buzzle at all.

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